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Tax Planning is one of Randy's favorite tasks; IRS representation - one of the most utilized.

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Licensed in North and South Carolina-NC CPA #25925 and SC CPA #8115

About Randy

​Randy Newton was born in Charlotte, NC: raised nearby on Lake Norman and graduated with an accounting degree from Appalachian State University. He became a CPA in NC in 1998. He started his own firm that same year in a side porch office at his home - and with only 6 original clients. 

Serving two consecutive terms from '09-'11. Randy is the past president of the local NCACPA chapter and sub-committee chair of the tax committee of the North Carolina Association of CPAs (NCACPA). He's also an active member of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society. Randy is both a speaker and an educator - teaching other CPAs through his association as an instructor with Nichols Patrick, a nationally known (continuing education) firm specializing in tax training. 

Randy's area of expertise is the utilization of a proactive tax planning model that streamlines, simplifies, and works to reduce tax liabilities.  He is relentless and enthusiastic in educating clients about the ever-changing tax codes and constantly seeking how to save them additional tax dollars.

Randy also has developed two specialty “niche” areas for his clients:  IRS Representation and Business Valuation services.  The tax code was written by attorneys for attorneys, after all, and so he believes firmly that a CPA should be a client’s advocate in interpreting the tax code for their benefit when possible.  This then translates into “leveling the playing field” when it comes to working out resolutions with the IRS.

Randy, his wife Ann, and their multiple cats (and dog) reside in Tega Cay, SC. During free time, Randy enjoys hiking and mountain biking. He also volunteers quite frequently at his home church. Myers Park Presbyterian Church located in Charlotte as well as other churches and charities. 

"It is important to stay up-to-date with the constantly changing state and federal laws that could affect clients and their companies. I set out to stay current with these tax law changes and provide opportunities to educate my clients about them. which ultimately saves them money on their returns."

─Randy Newton

RandaII C. Newton